Welcome to RYGAR Horse Transport

Transporting Experts with over 28 Years Experience
We haul horses throughout the United States.

Rygar Farm can be summed up in three words;
knowledge, trust, and communication.

We have the knowledge to safely ship your horse from the Northeast to the Midwest or from South to the West, and all in between you will find the Rygar Rig, winding across America’s Highway.
Rygar We have earned the trust of many top Breeders to ship high valued broodmares or ladies in waiting to be bred to some of the top stallions in all aspects of the horse world.

In today's time we have also  been entrusted to move quite a few families and their hooved companions to new homesteads. Rygar; Armed with the latest in techno devices, prides themselves in communication.
With the passing, of the lead rope for your dream prospect from seller to your home; Angel will inform you  of your horses’ progression in his travels. Whether it is your imported horse; or sight unseen horse buy. Rygar will often help sellers and buyers complete the  hardest part of the horse sale; the transportation. Sellers and buyers are able to follow their  horses journey through our Facebook page. Even past customers still follow Angel’s  Daily posts; just to see where Angel is now, who he has met; always a new adventure.