RYGAR Horse Transport - Client Testimonials

Alicia Green- "Most of us horse people have had the misfortune of using a bad hauler. And we should know that the cheapest rates are not always worth the risk to our horses. We all want our horses there, when they say they'll be there... but the truth is with long distance hauls it may be sometimes difficult with weather or breakdowns, when their exact arrival time will be. This being said, I look for a reliable hauler that has good scheduled layovers at horse facilities, someone that checks on the horses frequently physically, as to just with or without cameras. A hauler that can handle a foal up to a draft. My recommendation: RYGAR FARM TRANSPORT (Angel Garcia) is someone that I have used and trust with my horse especially on long hauls, as well as short hauls. Very good Hauler I respectfully trust."


Stacey Fisher Meyer-Gaede  "This is the ONLY transporter I utilize. He communicates frequently. He cares for the horses. Always on top of things. In our business thus us a MUST. Not only is this transport company highly recommended......they are the only one we use. Rest assured all is well when Rygar handles your horse transportation needs."


Jenny Stine  "Angel has hauled three horses for me cross country to Massachusetts in the past two years - a 2 and 3 year old Arabian mare from Utah last summer (separate trips), and a yearling from Arizona this month. He is very careful about resting the horses, making stopovers, and always answers when you call to check on them. If you are looking for a reliable and safe long-hauler who puts the welfare of the horses first, Angel is it."